About Barakabora Consulting

In 2007 the Members of Barakabora cc came together and formed the company. They were driven by the potential within small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the limited support available to such entities. In response to this need, Barakabora cc aims to add value to SMEs by utilising their core competencies to provide customised financial and business solutions, thereby assisting clients to achieve their potential.

Barakabora cc is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa where the main operations are currently. The Members of the company have ambitious plans of growing and working with SMEs internationally; we have begun looking for partners to support us in our expansion plan. As we grow and expand, SMEs that demonstrate potential will continue to remain the focus for Barakabora cc.


The vision of Barakabora cc is to:

• Be an internationally preferred financial and business solutions provider for SMEs by offering customised services and building key relationships with clients; and

• Be an employer of choice that provides employees the opportunity to unlock their potential through fulfilling career opportunities.

We believe people are the reason behind successful businesses and therefore we intend to invest in both our clients and employees, in a sustainable manner.


Our mission is to meet the needs of SMEs that require customised financial and business solutions and help them achieve their potential through providing value added services.


At Barakabora cc, we uphold the following values:

• Integrity;

• Professionalism;

• Excellence;

• Value; and

• Enthusiasm.

We will endeavour to engage with clients who have similar values.


Barakabora cc is a black owned company. The Barakabora team of 6 bring diverse skills and experience to the business. In addition, there is a pool of consultants that can be drawn from depending on the solution required by the client.

Services offered

Barakabora Consulting cc offers services which include but are not limited to accounting, financial management, taxation, bookkeeping and internal audit services. We have assisted our clients in:

• Accounting

• Bookkeeping

• Taxation

• Financial Management


We have also co-developed business plans with our clients and can assist with sourcing financing for startups and general management consulting services.


Barakabora cc has clients in various industries including financial services, construction, human resource, IT and events just to mention a few. We have the required skills and expertise to service clients from a wide range of industries.

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